SEE Privacy Information

Data you enter into Forms

We collect data primarily through several forms on our site.  All of this data is used for its primary purpose of collecting information to determine acceptance of students to our programs, and contacting both students and teachers for that purpose.  We will also use the data internally to analyze patterns and improve our user experience.  We may also send news and updated information about our programs to anyone who has contacted us; you may always unsubscribe from such emails.

We never share this data with anyone else, unless required by law, or specifically directed by you to do so (e.g. requesting a teacher recommendation).

We will delete your form data if you request us to (unless we are prohibited by law).

Page Tracking

We use Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel (which are both Web Beacons) to learn how visitors find our site and how we can improve their experience on our site.  Page tracking data is anonymous to us, but it may be used by Google and Facebook to influence how they interact with you, including what ads they show you.

Google provides an opt-out tool which may be useful to prevent tracking by Google Analytics.

We also use Google Ads ourselves, and they use cookies on your browser to track what you’ve seen on our site.  This might lead to ads from us “following you” on the web, which we hope aren’t too annoying.

Contact Information

Our primary contact email is We take privacy and data protection seriously, and are happy to respond to any privacy-related questions you may have.