Code of Conduct

The foundation of the SEE Code of Conduct is our Honor Code:

Every member of the Summer Engineering Expeditions community is expected to practice personal and academic integrity, including honesty, trust, consideration, and mutual respect, and to take responsibility for his or her words and actions. No one will denigrate or take unfair advantage of any other person, either within or without the program.

A few examples (not all!) of behavior that is prohibited by the Honor Code

  • Bullying or harassing others
  • Stealing
  • Intentionally damaging equipment or facilities, or anything belonging to anyone else
  • Internet hacking, or violating the privacy of other participants’ computers

By and large, we expect the behaviors covered by the Honor Code to be clear, but SEE participants are encouraged to ask staff members if they have questions, and must ask staff members before engaging in any behavior they think might be a Honor Code violation.

In addition to the Honor Code, SEE Participants must agree to the following rules:

  • Follow all directions of SEE staff.
  • Remain within the areas directed by SEE staff unless given explicit permission otherwise.
  • Obey local laws and the rules and regulations of the host campus.
  • Do not have or use tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs or un-prescribed prescription drugs while participating in the program.
  • Do not participate in any gambling activities.
  • Do not have or access pornography while participating in the program.
  • Do not have or use motorized vehicles while participating in the program.
  • Do not have or use weapons while participating in the program.
  • Report any injury to yourself or others, or damage to facilities, to SEE staff immediately.
  • Report any situation you believe is dangerous to SEE staff immediately.

If SEE staff have reason to suspect a participant is hiding damaged, stolen, or contraband property, SEE staff may search the participant’s room and possessions. If a participant is found to have violated the Honor Code or the rules, the participant will usually be dismissed from the Program. If a participant is found to have violated law, they may be criminally prosecuted. If a participant damages another’s property (intentionally or not), they and their parents or guardians will be responsible for those damages.