Coming this Summer

A New Science & Engineering
Summer Program

One month. In-Residence. For high school juniors and seniors.

Rocket Science 2019

Not your ordinary science program.

The SEE Difference

We use full, real-world, scenarios that challenge you to combine math, physics, engineering and technology.  You develop the practical techniques required to solve cutting edge problems.  

The skills you gain will benefit you whether you are headed for college or directly to work in a technology industry.

Build things that amaze you.

Learn cutting edge technologies, like geo-spatial analytics.

Use math and science to solve real problems.

What about Rockets?
Rocket science is one of the hottest career areas today.
And c'mon, rockets are just plain cool.
In this program you will build and launch a sensor-equipped rocket...
...analyze sensor data to make discoveries about the land around you
Math, physics and engineering for rocketry;
geodysy and analytics for data.
It all comes together in one comprehensive project.
July 15 — Aug 8 2019
Bend, OR
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